Kayak Rental Available Through Banbury Adventures

Parking and Launch Pass

An online Parking and Launch Reservation will be required to launch your own kayaks. There will be a limited number of reservation allowed per day so make a reservation online in advance. If the designated launch parking and reservations are full you will not be able to use our facility to launch.  You will have to use some of the other launch areas in the area like Thousand Springs , the Idaho Power facility at Ritter Island, or Owsley Bridge. When you arrive you will be assigned a parking space number. All other parking is reserved for our overnight accommodations and hot springs pool patrons. A parking/launch pass is not required if you are renting Kayaks from Banbury Adventures or have a scheduled river tour. 


We will no longer allow motorized boat launches for day use from our facility. We do not have the parking and turn around space to accommodate trailers without it encroaching on our other camping and swimming clients. Overnight campers and RVs who bring boats are the only exception. 


Access to the launch ramp may be restricted. Traffic through the RV park to the launch ramp can be a great disruption to our campers and safety is always a concern. At peak times you may not be able to drive to the launch ramp. At certain times we may have a kayak shuttle to assist in getting your boats to the river from the parking area.  Please follow posted signs and notices as you enter.

Launch Closed Sunday .  Banbury is closed on Sunday and there will be no access to launch your kayak or boat.  Other launch areas include Thousand Springs , the Idaho Power facility at Ritter Island, or Owsley Bridge. 

Why the Change


During the summer of 2020 we experienced a dramatic increase in the public desire to launch their own kayaks and boats at our Banbury Hot Springs Facility and enjoy the river near Blue Heart Springs. We were happy to do our best to accommodate as many as wanted to come. However we learned many lessons over the summer that needed to be addressed and policies made. We understand that some of these policies may be an inconvenience but are necessary to help as many as possible to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience on the river and for our guests at our Hot Springs facility.  

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